Relax and enjoy life!

The Alexander Technique offers an effective body/mind approach to dealing with stress. It helps your nervous system quieten down and allows you to come back into a more balanced and relaxed state. Often when we have been stressed for a long time we are caught in circular patterns of over-stimulation which can be hard to get our of on our own.  A skilled Alexander teacher uses hands on contact and simple instructions to help settle your nervous system, and from that quieter place can then help you learn you what you are doing that is keeping you in a stress cycle, and encourage you to let go and make choices that lead to peace rather than to stress!

The Alexander Technique is a way to transform stress to joy. It’s for anyone who wants to be in contact with their own body and the way we tense ourselves and relax ourselves. It’s another way of moving.
— Juliette Binoche, Actor

To help you find out whether the Alexander Technique could work for you I offer a half price trial lesson. Contact me for details.