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● Do you suffer from pain, discomfort or stress related to your music making?

● Are you worried about the effect this has on your enjoyment of music and, perhaps, your career?

● Would you like to experience less pain while playing, and at the same time free your technique from limitations caused by unnecessary stress and muscular tension?

The Alexander Technique has been helping musicians take care of the health and improve their performance for almost a hundred years. It offers a proven psycho-physical approach to help you play with more freedom and to take care of your health throughout your music making life.

I can help you to become aware of ways in which you are introducing unnecessary tension into your playing or singing and gently coach you towards doing less to get better results. Through a series of 1-2-1 lessons I use words and skilled manual guidance I encourage you towards more integrated and relaxed movement and posture in practice and performance.

Confidence and Stage Fright

As well as helping you to play with less stress and strain, the Alexander Technique helps you to feel more secure and in control, making for more relaxed and confident performance.

As your body starts to give you a tangible feeling of support, freedom and security this will be reflected in how you experience yourself emotionally. Learning to trust that your postural system will support you gives an internal feeling of safety and of ‘being held’ which results in greater confidence and the possibility of opening up and expressing yourself more fully and clearly.

Why Learn with me?

● I’m a musician myself, and was a jazz pianist and piano teacher for over ten years, and so have a good understanding of the sort of health and performance issues musicians face.

● I trained as an Alexander teacher having using the Technique to recover from my own debilitating repetitive strain injury caused by long hours of piano practice. I know from my own experience how this work can be used to effectively resolve real world problems.

● I have been a qualified Alexander Technique teacher for over 15 years, following a three year, 1600 hour STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) approved course completed in 2001.

● My approach combines a deep tradition of hands-on work with cutting edge insights from neuroscience and other bodywork modalities.

● I am continually studying, learning and engaging with other body-mind disciplines to deepen my teaching practice and broaden what I can offer my students.

Next Steps

I offer a half price (£20) introductory lesson so you can experience the Technique in action and get a sense as to whether or not it is a good fit for you. To arrange this, or to answer any questions, please contact me.