The Alexander Technique can help you to overcome chronic pain and discomfort, teach you to be more relaxed and confident, and improve performance in creative or sporting activities. I’m an experienced teacher offering lessons in Midhurst and near Chichester, UK.

What can I help you with?

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Chronic Pain & Discomfort

Discover how to reduce or eliminate many kinds of chronic and recurrent pain, especially those related to the workplace or leisure activities.

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Stress and Overwhelm

I can teach you practical and effective ways to quieten your nervous system down and to feel more centred, calm and relaxed in your life.

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Relaxed Posture & Poise

Learn to find relaxed and effortless good posture which doesn’t require constant effort, repetitive exercises, or having to hold yourself in a set position.


Healthy Music Making

The Alexander Technique has been helping musicians take care of their health, play with less stress, and transform their performance for almost a hundred years.