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Help for chronic back pain

Do you suffer from back pain and wonder if it is linked to your posture, your job, or another activity that puts your body under stress and strain? The Alexander Technique offers proven principles which can help you understand what you are doing that may be causing or exacerbating the pain, and learn how to  release cycles of unnecessary stress and muscular tension and return to balance so that the inflammation and tenderness can heal.


In the lessons we look at your movement patterns and the way you hold yourself  against gravity to see what you may be doing that is putting your spine, nerves and muscles under unnecessary pressure and strain. Often we carry a great deal of muscular tension in our bodies, and over time this  can result in distortion, poor alignment and pain. Once you are aware of how you are pulling yourself out of shape I show you how to let go into a new feeling of freedom and ease. In the process we take the strain off nerves, muscles and joints, and give your body the space it needs to heal itself.

At the same time we can look at how we can change the lifestyle and psychological aspects of back pain which can exacerbate the discomfort you experience, and show you  how to escape the negative cycles of behaviour and self-talk which keep you stuck in your pattern of pain and prevent change.

Scientific Evidence

The Alexander Technique has been helping back pain sufferers for almost a hundred years, and its beneficial effects for back pain have been validated by several peer-reviews scientific studies. You can read about some of them here.

Learning the Technique

Alexander Technique is best learned in one-to-one lessons. We work with everyday movements such as sitting, standing, speaking and walking, using them to find out where we are putting our bodies under unnecessary strain and tension, and how we can move towards more ease, freedom and poise in our activities.

The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix and it is not a 'treatment'. It is something you learn and apply for yourself. It  is likely to be a good fit for you if:

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own health and destiny and make positive changes in your life to help yourself get (and stay) better
  • You like to learn new things and are willing to grow and enjoy the journey
  • You are willing to commit a little time each day to work with what we do in the lessons.

You can find more information about having lessons, prices, locations etc. here.

About Me


I first discovered the Alexander Technique when I was looking for a cure for Repetitive Strain Injury caused by poor posture and excessive computer use. The Alexander lessons not only solved the problem but had such a beneficial effect on the way I feel and function that I decided to train as a teacher. I qualified in 2001 after three years (1600 hours) training. I live in Midhurst, West Sussex and also offer lessons in Bosham, near Chichester.

I recomend...

If you're confused about the conflicting advice that is out there about back pain and how to recover  I highly recommend this book by the acclaimed investigative journalist Cathryn Ramin. She endured persistent back pain for decades and has written an essential examination of all facets of the back pain industry, exploring the evidence, what works, what doesn't, what may cause harm, and how to get on the road to recovery. At 448 pages long it is comprehensive and  meticulously researched.