Let go and Sing!

Let go and Sing!


Sing and Relax — for Choral Singers

Saturday, August 12, 2017
2:00pm  5:00pm
Ashfield Road Midhurst
This is a workshop for anyone who sings in a choir and would like to know how they can improve their voice, and feel more comfortable singing, using principles from the Alexander Technique.

We will discuss what breathing is, how we interfere with it, and how we can free our breath to improve our singing. We will also be looking at how our posture relates to our breath and to the voice. There will be a mixture of group work and one to one attention, and you will go home with some insights and ideas to put into practice.

This workshop is open to anyone who sings in a choir, and it is particularly suitable for those without much formal training who would like to explore ways to improve their skill and enjoyment in singing.

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