Healthy desk work and computer use

Do you do a lot of desk-bound work or are you tied to a computer a lot of the time and feel it is harming you and your body? Modern work practices don't often encourage healthy alignment and good posture and movement — and they can take a toll on our health. But for many of us, being at a desk is an unavoidable part of our working lives.

The Alexander Technique can help you to work in a more comfortable, relaxed and healthy way and to heal work related issues like back pain and Repetitive Strain Injury.  For over a hundred years it has offered a completely different approach to improving posture and poise to the 'sit up straight, pull your shoulders back' approach. Over a course of lessons you learn to release unnecessary muscular tension and allow your body to come back into balance.  It involves letting go  of tension and stress so that your body can naturally come into balance and alignment on its own — rather than trying to hold yourself in a certain position. The difference in how comfortable and at ease people feel after having lessons is real — and sometimes dramatic! In addition people often find that problems caused or exacerbated by poor coordination and excess muscular tension (such as back pain and Repetitive Strain Injury) resolve themselves naturally once the excess tension which is causing them is no longer there.

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