Alexander Technique in Midhurst & Chichester

with Marcus James Sly, 07747 481182

Embodiment, presence and connection

Do you often feel a bit ungrounded and disconnected from your body? Maybe you live a lot in your head, or feel you are not quite here on planet earth, or perhaps you are so taken up with the busy-ness of day to day living that you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to really inhabit your body and to feel the sense of aliveness and presence that comes from being in touch with your physicality.

The body has it’s own history, desires and story, and if we don’t listen, or allow it to speak, we miss out on a great source of information and wisdom. Because our body and mind reflect each other, the body is a like a mirror that can show us who we are, where we are going and where we are stuck. Being more in touch with movement, the senses, the breath and the voice enable us to both to find out, and to express, what we truly feel. 

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Coming back home

When we are disconnected from our body and physical experience it is not always easy to reconnect. Sometimes people ‘check out’ of their body because it holds painful somatic memory. Others may be simply to busy and overwhelmed with every day demands to find the energy and space to quieten down and drop into their body.

The Alexander Technique can help you to quieten down and become more grounded and connected, while increasing and refining your kinaesthetic awareness (i.e. your sixth sense, the body’s sense of itself). Letting go of unnecessary muscular tension and holding also  offers the chance to let your body ‘speak’, tell it’s story, and let go of and clear emotional blockages that may be preventing you from being present to yourself and others.

I offer a safe, open and non-judgmental space, together with some effective approaches and techniques to help you land back in your body and to connect with the ground and your breath. For more information or to book a trial session, contact me.