Alexander Technique in Midhurst & Chichester

with Marcus James Sly, 07747 481182

About Marcus

I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2001 after three years (1600 hours) training at NETCAT in Leeds, and have a post-graduate level qualification in adult education.

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 I originally trained as a jazz pianist and have a degree from Leeds College of Music. More recently have been learning singing. I first came across the Alexander Technique at music college when I was looking for a solution to Repetitive Strain Injury caused by long hours of piano practice and computer use. The Technique not only solved this problem but also had a remarkable effect on my piano playing and how I felt in general. The Alexander Technique has been an invaluable asset in my life. Its effect on my overall sense of wellbeing has been enormously beneficial and has opened up possibilities which are much more profound and far reaching than I expected at the beginning. They continue to surprise me with their depth and range of application — the journey was the best gift I ever gave myself!

In recent years I have done further training in neo-reichian body psychotherapy with the Brighton School of Embodied Therapy and am also a licensed Dance of Awareness facilitator.

I give individual sessions and occasional workshops in Midhurst and Haslemere and also in Bosham near Chichester, West Sussex by arrangement. To find out more or book a session, call me on 07747 481182 or contact me here

How I Work

I have a range of tools and approaches to offer, and I'm happy to either guide the sessions or to work directly with any issue that you bring. These could range from dealing with pain and stress, to singing or playing a musical instrument, to working with confidence and projection in public speaking.

The Alexander Technique gives you principles to explore and put into practice for yourself, but at the same time the hands-on and relational aspect of the work can have considerable therapeutic benefits, encouraging peoples' systems to quieten down and let go of  past hurt and trauma. 

I hope that the work we do together will be both effective, and a journey and adventure. I believe that any form of growth work should be fundamentally enjoyable and life enhancing, and I aim for the work we do to reflects this as much as possible. 

Music and Voice

I have been a musician all my life, and we can integrate voice work and music into the sessions if you wish. This offers an effective way to look at how we limit ourselves, and to find ways of being more open, expressive and connected to our bodies and feelings. 

Musicians and performers click here  for information about how the Alexander Technique can benefit you and performance.